Is 20 saal of Kambi Rajpuria has anything do to with his deport from Canada?

20 saal of Kambi Rajpuria full song video lyrics review deport from canada

Breaking yet shattering news of Punjabi singer “Kambi Rajpuria” being deported from Canada made everyone highly strung and now in 3 days the latest song of Kambi Rajpuria entitled as 20 SAAL has released. So, Is 20 saal of Kambi Rajpuria has anything do to with his deport from Canada?

Kambi who went Canada in 2011 with the dreams of achieving something and being successful after exactly 7 years of the journey was deported with claiming that he was living in Canada illegally. Well, he himself disclosed big statements of how the situations turned in Canada and made him walk on the particular path.

Totally, DESTINY made Kambi Rajpuria go through different phases of life…!

Belonging to the average family he, however, made all through this and released two popular songs:

Sooraj nu Salama
Challenge to Nasa
[Both written and sung by Kambi]

And now the latest song 20 Saal sung by Kambi is out with full video
With all the quarrel going around, as a matter of fact, arguably is this song has anything in common, as the sudden release of this latest Punjabi song of Kambi 20 Saal on Speed Records channel is not a one day process. The song with so emotional lyrics, singing, shooting of video of the song, editing takes a minimum of one month or more. So, is it that the song released at a sudden moment of deporting of Kambi from Canada is to get Sympathy?

Song Review of 20 Saal of Kambi Rajpuria with lyrics

The recent Punjabi song 20 saal of Kambi features the music by Sukh E Musical Doctorz, Lyrics and singing by Punjabi singer Kambi and the video direction is by Rupy Bains.

The song is very emotional with heart-rending lyrics that depicts a beautiful love yet sad story which seems to find a perfect ending later.

Ajj mere karke bhulli firdi maapeyan nu
Ik din mainu shad ke hor kisey di hojengi
Ni tu 20 saalan ch hoi na je maapeyan di
Ni tu 20 dina wich meri kithon hojengi
Though the girl wants to be with the lover the boy doesn’t want to accept her by doing anything inappropriately or say wrongly. With a thought like that it seems to be a righteous person at heart.

Bhain naal tu wand si khaandi
Veere naal school si jandi x(2),
Ohdi umar beet gayi tainu saambh deyan
Saambhi na tetho jaaye parandi,
Paise laike bhajjeyan, Haan lai paise bhajjeya..
Paise lai vi bhajjeyan mahina naiyo katt hona
Lali chehre di vi dassan dina wich cho jegi
ni tu 20 saalan ch…….

Though she is there, the boy cares for the girl and her family just like his family and also the song is beautiful and heart-touching with amazing vocals and voice. Do support this amazing vocals and even we do support you Kambi Rajpuria…!

The song has very emotional touch and also his recent incident that brings an indeterminate though of whether this song released now is out of sympathy or gain or certainly pre-decided.


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