3 YouTube channels for Punjabi songs|one must surely subscribe

3 youtube channels for Punjabi songs to Subscribe

Not all songs are meant to gain fame and respect or support of fans. The deep point beneath the song is the lyrics, the written lyrics. Not all songs are written some describe emotions. Quite obviously, the deeper part is rarely understood not in terms of melody but emotions.

This is why everyone loves to listen to music as on a while, these emotions relate to them and they can thereby relate to the song, Be it old or new all songs come across something trendy. Old songs had the essence of deeper love whilst the modern songs come with some part of the fun, entertainment, rap, and beats.

Certainly, every person today loves to listen to this melody and therefore YouTube is the best way to channelize these songs. Thereby, learn about the most popular 3 YouTube channels for Punjabi songs that one must surely subscribe and follow too.

3 Top YouTube Channels for Punjabi songs:

1. T Series
2. T Series Apna Punjab
3. Speed Records

These three channels of YouTube are best to follow for Punjabi songs.


T Series has YouTube followers or subscribes of 28M that contributes to providing all kind of songs whether its Pollywood songs or Bollywood songs. Punjabi or Hindi songs T Series serves both varieties to its followers. Not just the songs but trailers and news related to the song are also supported by this YouTube channel. Whilst T Series Apna Punjab an extended version of T Series that specifically provides old or new every taste of Punjabi music with supporters of subscribes to 3.4M. Along with these T Series channel of YouTube even deals with a variety of other parts of sub-channels. (link)

The other Top channel of YouTube for Punjabi songs to subscribe is Speed Records that is inclusive of subscribes to about 5.4M that provides the latest Punjabi songs and is the biggest Punjabi music channel of YouTube. Also, this channel of YouTube provides the Punjabi celebs talk mostly Punjabi singers of Punjabi Music Industry.

Take Earnings home of?

These top Punjabi music channels of YouTube with having millions of subscribers or followers or rather supporters will surely have earnings at least half of the subscribes, right?
Yeah! obviously, these channels providing the viewers with the latest and top news related to Punjabi music are worthy of getting something in return. Certainly, not to much surprise these YouTube channels might take home earnings of at least or mostly more than half of its subscribers in terms of numbers.

Trendy channels of YouTube:

Most loving YouTube channels for Punjabi songs or music lovers or rather to be specific modern or trendy channels of YouTube for Punjabi songs are these biggest channels on the list. Notably, this is not to a far-reaching point. These YouTube parts have their own contribution to their subscribers and these days come up with latest songs related videos on YouTube.
Substantially, these channels having an enormously huge number of followers make the song composers approach these channels mostly. Consequently, making them worldwide more trendy channels of YouTube.

This Punjabi music or Punjabi songs channels provide one with a great melody and therefore tops the list. There are other channels as well that comes up but these are the top ones. Come along to enjoy songs and adore them with these channels of YouTube.