Balwan Singh or Sardar Mohammad : Bewildered, Which movie to watch this weekend?

Balwan Singh or Sardar Mohammad

This weekend has two movies with both pros and cons. But are you puzzled in the thought of which movie to watch be it either Balwan Singh or Sardar Mohammad, you are not right?

Yet, if you are shaken with your thoughts, look for some basic facts to make your thought clear and to let you make a wise decision.

Balwan Singh Movie

Balwan Singh movie if we talk about, had first-weekend box office collection of 2 Crore and moreover, got the mixed public reviews. The movie is based on the message that the strength does not just hold with a body but also with mind.

The mind’s strength makes all the change that is seen in the movie. The movie had a weak first half but then, after interval things changed a bit. Balwan Singh a debut by Ranjit Bawa had an average acting but though interesting concept, yet it lacked the direction part, the direction of the movie Balwan Singh was by Param Shiv.

The other cast being Karamjit Anmol, Manav Vij, Mahabir Bhullar did a good job in the movie. On an average, if we talk about, the movie has a good concept with other parameters being average. The message being great ‘The depth of mind rather than the hardness of the body’.

The movie got mixed reviews and so if you find this concept quite captivating. This weekend is Balwan Singh weekend for you…!

Sardar Mohammad Movie

Secondly, today’s release Sardar Mohammad of Tarsem Jassar that casts Karamjit Anmol, Mandy Thakar, Sardar Sohi, Rana Jang Bahadar, Manjit Singh, Rahul Jugral, Neeta Mohinder & more.

The story of the movie depicts a child’s tale of finding an identity of whether he is a Sardar or Mohammad and so he goes on a journey undergoing many challenges. The movie is based on a true concept of a period during partition of India and Pakistan. The movie too has a great collection of music.

To know more about the review of the Punjabi movie Sardar Mohammad

Both the movies are presented to you here as well as on screen. Choose your interest and have fun watching movies with family and friends this weekend.

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