Brobar Boli | Nimrat Khaira | 2018 Punjabi song with love all around lyrics and video 

Brobar Boli the Punjabi Cinema
Narrow mind thinking to love that leads a happy ending
The latest Punjabi song by Nimrat Khaira “Brobar Boli” that features great artists with music composition by Desi Routz, lyrics penned by Maninder Kailey and video direction by all-time famous artist Sukh Sanghera.
The song that heads off with a bit of narrow-mindedness take its pace with love that increases slowly with deep understanding.
[ Teri ik ghoor naal chup kar jaani aa
Pata kamzori tainu teri main diwani aa
Roz baithda bana ke ve tu toli
Baithda bana ke ve tu toli
Taaiyon mere sir chadhda
Haa je main na
Haa je main na
Haa je main na brobar boli
Taaiyon mere sir chadhda ]
When someone loves truly the word hate doesn’t show up whatever the situations and when being a couple it is so true that both the persons have to take their responsibility to let that work more beautifully. On the contrary, it is also true without one, no matter how much the other person denies, he/she still needs them. The video of the song Brobar Boli of Nimrat Khaira ends up with the same note while starting with the boy denying love and to express it.
Teriyan main akkadaan nu firan jardi
Jihna karda tu gussa main pyar kardi
Rakhdi aan pura tera maan sohneya
Tainu ae bhulekha tere kolon dardi
Tere naal owein di aa pehle din ton
Time naal mundeya tu change ho geya
Modern bann da friend’aan naal tu
Narrow mind main, tu angrez ho gaya
The ending part makes all work whether any emotions love and adorable connection is all above.
Pata ni padhaunde patti yaar tere ki?
Jehda tainu lagda main thalle laaungi
Honsla tu rakh dil naiyo tod’di
Jitthe tu kahega othe khad jaaungi
By love it means Unconditional love…!
Haan je main na brobar boli
Taaiyon mere sir chadhda

The last two songs by singer Nimrat Khaira Suit and Designer did a great way with getting mixed reviews. Lets see how much love Brobar Boli gets with a great artists involved.


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