Daljit to Diljit Dosanjh a lasting lightening journey

Diljit Dosanjh 1st movie and song

Our one only favorite Punjabi Actor Diljit Dosanjh, who purely digged respect for himself in the eyes of every viewer of Punjabi cinema has something phenomenal crisp behind. You might want to know about it in detail, right?

Come let’s have a look!

Do you know Diljit Fact and 1st song

Diljit Dosanjh started his career with an album in 2004 that was titled Ishq Da Uda Ada in which he looked quite different. El Sueno of Diljit & Ishq Da Uda Ada both had their own essence that changed with time.

Watch the video of a song, if you haven’t yet… Diljit Dosanjh 1st Song and Album

The music of this tune was composed by Bablu Mahindra whereas lyrics penned by Balvir Boparai. The album had total eight tracks & the second in the album was Dil song of Diljit that also went quite famous that time.

The album was released with Finetone Cassettes that is a division of Tseries. Making a debut in the Punjabi Music Industry our Dosanjh provided to all with Ishq  Da Uda Ada. Diljit Dosanjh is a loving natured person along with respecting all of his fans.

Even, this can be said looking to the songs came up til now that has a base of love or essence of love. A love for beloved, country, Punjab, Mother, Family, anybody. El Sueno too apart from a love story had a part of saving a girl from mischievous; it is another beautiful emotion.

But how come, Daljit – Diljit Dosanjh

In this album, a person from Finetone Cassettes who helped Dosanjh make a debut was Rajinder Singh who even suggested to spell him his name as Diljit Dosanjh and not Daljit Dosanjh. As our Dosanjh boy of Punjab respect everyone from the core… did so.

Thereby, being Diljit Dosanjh