Gift straight from Gippy Grewal, Also something lined up for January 2018

Gippy Grewal's latest Nai Shad Da Lyrics

Gippy Grewal

Christmas and New Year are approaching and to your stupefaction Gippy Grewal has delivered a Punjabi song as a surprise to his fans. A very energetic Bhangra Punjabi song is this which is entitled as “NAI SHAD DA”. Nai Shad Da means I’ll not leave and the song depicts the same appropriateness that is what the best part of the song and this feature is beautiful and amaze with the contribution of all brilliant masters and artists.

Also, believing this edge Gippy Grewal will also come up with wondrous songs and melodies to tune with vocals of great artists to floors in January 2018.

Gippy Grewal's latest Nai Shad Da Lyrics

Gippy Grewal’s latest Nai Shad Da 

The gift is already on doors of the fans that is a passionate and sparkling beautiful song entitled as Nai Shad Da that has lyrics composition of famous Jaani. This was Jaani’s one of most favorite songs and was delivered via Gippy Grewal and Natasa’s active singing. The song has music composition by Jassi Katyal (Jay K). The most beautiful element that is added to the is Jay Jay JayK and also Jaani Jaani Jaani Jaani Bol Kudiye that makes the lyrics go straight into the heart.

Also apart from Gippy Grewal’s singing, there are various looks that are very adorable when worn by Gippyyyyy.

What a combination of looks Punjabi Actor and singer Gippy Grewal have in his latest Punjabi song…!

Gippy Grewal's latest Nai Shad Da Lyrics  Gippy Grewal's latest Nai Shad Da Lyrics Gippy Grewal's latest Nai Shad Da Lyrics

Along with Gippy Grewal the song has singing element attached of Natasa Stankovic and Gurlex Akhtar as well. All these voices have active energy that are amaingly assosiated with the video of the song Nai Shad Da that is directed by Vinnil Markan showcasing a different element and more coming with Bang Bang songs more energizing and creative to add to your list.

So await and till then enjoy dancing and doing Bhagra on the beats of Nai Shad Da…!

Gippy Grewal’s latest Nai Shad Da Lyrics

Sajna tu Sajna Sharab Shad De

Nai Shad Daaa

Ve Baki Kudiya Nu Dil vicho Kad De

Nai Kadh Daaa