Why is Gurdas Maan not much active on social media these days? A still from…


Gurdas Maan a Punjabi actor, singer who after the completion of shows and performances of late September and early October declared his another release Nankana will release 2018 Baisakhi.

Thereafter, Gurdas Maan was not much active over social media… This was because of this movie itself, A baisakhi  release Nankana of Gurdas Maan will deliver you a lot.

A still from Upcoming Punjabi movie Nankana

Gurdas Maan Nankana Upcoming

Substantially, a bit about Nankana

The Upcoming Punjabi movie Nankana releasing 13th April 2018 involves the cast and crew as;

The movie directed by Manjeet Maan – wife of Gurdas Maan whilst Produced by Jatinder Shah who has excellent and magnificent talent of music composition and along Jatinder Shah is Pooja Goyal. Along with Gurdas Maan the other charcters of movie Nankana are Kavita Kaushik and Kajal Rajput.


Musician turned Producer, now following both the professions, Jatinder Shah first time producing the Punjabi movie Nankana. He always comes up with great music composition and now producing such a great movie that will have great concept and message that will too provide Jatinder Shah a great platform thereby inspiring youths and others.

Jatinder Shah making Nankana movie… Nankana movie making Jatinder Shah producer…!

Nankana movie Review

The Punjabi movie releasing Vaisakhi 2018 that is 13th April 2018 seems to be on some kind of inner emotions. The name or title too of the film suggests the same; NanKana means something related to religious but here it doesn’t looks exactly religious but something that will relate to that. The movie will up as inner peace and message that will let everyone learn to be happy applying in daily life as well. This are just basic assumptions the whole part of the movie Nankana will come up in front delivering message once the movie is released.

Gurdas Maan always comes something finely gestured. So, again expectations arouse listening his name only.