Gurdas Maan – Phenomenal superstar of Punjabi cinema


Gurdas Maan – a Phenomenal superstar of Punjabi cinema has earned wealth in terms of not only money but also fame, respect in personal or professional life.

As in Person:

The well respected and well talented Punjabi actor, singer, writer, a legend of Punjabi film industry Gurdas Maan is the hearty and soulful person in nature. A person whose presence makes us feel the essence of positive vibes earned so much fame in Pollywood world, that he is popular as the legend of Punjabi cinema.

Obviously, why not… He has provided the enormous contribution that is discussed in later part of this article.

A phrase used is ‘Respect and Vibes’, actually, as a matter of fact, Gurdas Maan seems to be quite a religious person as the power of positive energy he has that clear the thoughts and provide inner peace to oneself passing by him.


Gurdas Maan though age 60 at present, still has immense charm in face and beauty in the heart that contemplates one to think how one can be such a great personality. Look 80’s Gurdas Maan and 21st century’s Gurdas Maan.


Punjabi celeb Gurdas Maan then and now…!

Having such a charm that even aging 60 doesn’t disappear, and makes one ponder about his upcoming Punjabi movie Nankana.

As in Profession:

Punjabi actor Gurdas Maan, in professional terms, provided all of us the huge collection of artistic work. He starting his career with singing melodies and tunes, as a matter of fact, became famous with his song ‘Dil Da Mamla Hai’ a 1980 release. Working since 80’s and still coming up with songs and movies fascinates everyone. His recent release was Punjab.

Immense and captivating expressions are still the same…!

Ki Banu Duniya Da

Apart from songs, Gurdas Maan recorded many movies and albums, his hit was Punjab. Gurdas Maan’s movies are particular in their own sense based on religious concepts, deep emotions, love, culture, and others. Eventually, he is also handy with choreography profession. Were you aware?

Movies, if we talk about, he did a lot of Pollywood movies and few Bollywood ones too. Hindi movies in which he worked are Roohani Taakat, Sirf Tum, and Zindagi Khoobsurat Hai. His work collection doesn’t blow over but words does.

Heights in Fame:

Gurdas Maan is a well-reputed and respected Punjabi actor, singer, choreographer, writer and has so much fame for his immense and galvanized deep acting that even not to much surprise made him gain offers from not only Bollywood but also from Hollywood.

Yet, stick to the roots and culture, simple but precious jewel Gurdas Maan is captivated to work with Punjabi movies only.

Having such a great journey till Gurdas Maan is a legend to Punjabi Film Industry.


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