High principled Nirmal Rishi’s movie “Hard Kaur”

Hard Kaur Punjabi Movie

2017 will end with the topic entitled for Punjabi women’s HARD KAUR

An upcoming featured Punjabi film ‘Hard Kaur’ that will mark the presence of Punjabi Comedian Nirmal Rishi. The film will release on the grounds making all the women proud as it is coming with the message that encourages and motivate woman’s to stand and fight for themselves and moreover against what is going wrong.


Hard Kaur Punjabi movie

Today’s generation as growing up rapidly being so matured at an early age has to some extent reduced the wrong things that used to happen, though the society had the powers. Yet, as a coin has two sides one being violent whilst other being deep. In our society too there are still many fallacious things going on that should not happen.

However, the hard truth is many women get into their clutches and patiently bear the sufferings caused by such things. Based on all this is the releasing Punjabi movie “Hard Kaur”.


Hard Kaur movie will star three women Nirmal Rishi, Shashi Kiran and Drishti Grewal along with others being Deana Uppal, Tanvir Singh, Swati Bakshi, Ratinder Kaur, Net Kaur, Chaitannya Kanhai. The film Hard Kaur will be written and directed by Ajit R. Rajpal. Producers being Rakesh Chaudhary, Suresh Chaudhary, Wasim Pasha, and Ajit R. Rajpal.

Melody tuned:

The Punjabi movie “Hard Kaur” movie songs will have singing contributed by the singers Nooran Sisters, Prabh Gill, Nachhtar Gill, & Aman Tirkha. Having such great artists and films message along will bring motivational melody to the songs.


The foot point of the flick being Women Empowerment and exact essence being the movie Hard Kaur as the name suggests will be on 5 Kaurs of Punjab that learn to fight and stand for themselves after undergoing some critical situations and facts. Nirmal Rishi will be seen for the first time in ‘Dastar’ in movie especially and also such a concept will for the first time be showcased by Punjabi film industry.

The story of the movie Hard Kaur will be based on Punjab’s 5 Kaurs that will make a regulation for the women and favoring situations for them eventually releasing them that women are no more less than man’s. They are too strong and using minds they can earn justice.

The movie Hard Kaur will release on 15th Decemeber, 2017.

Trailer of the flick is not yet released… So await till then for trailer review of Hard Kaur.