Hardy Sandhu’s Naah : 2 extreme edge


Hardy Sandhu, a versatile Punjabi singer, today released a song titled as “Naah” that means No.

This latest song of Hardy Sandhu “Naah” has 2 extreme edge that is both sides positives as well as negatives.

In latest Punjabi song “Naah”, if we look at the positives part first. The song presents elegant dance forms, expressions of Hardy Sandhu, aggression in love in eyes, passionate about love, Dressing and other lighting charms. Further, if we look at Hardy Sandhu’s personality his dimples and smile and body makes the song video more charismatic to watch. Apart from this, the music of the song composed by B Praak is altogether add beauty to the song. The instruments and beats added delivers a soothing effect to ears thereby making the song appease.

Also, hand movements and singing of Hardy Sandhu in his latest song Naah indulge all of us with the song. Hardy Sandhu’s previously released song Yaar Ni Mileya was altogether on different notes, that makes him versatile in his own way.

However, like every coin has two sides, here too there are some negatives to unfold. The song Naah of Hardy Sandhu is quite simple and after his previous release the expectations have risen to a part, it seems to not appease this time. Despite, in just a day crossing 8M views.

Furthermore, the lyrics of the song Naah of Hardy Sandhu are composed and penned by talent lyricist Jaani and the video is by Arvindr Khaira.

Enjoy this melody Naah, dancing on floors with Hardy Sandhu…!