Jugni by Gurdas Maan from Punjab Singh movie will firmly touch your heart…!

Jugni Punjab Singh movie Gurdas Maan lyrics

1st song “Jugni” of Punjab Singh movie [Upcoming] by Gurdas Maan

The song sung by Gurdas Maan features music composition by Gurcharan Singh and lyrics scribbled by Gurjind Maan, Mix and Mastered by Devashish Ray at Chanmusica Studios.

JUGNI is a sad Punjabi song that delivers lot of emotions and hearty adorable love of sister and brother, a beautiful bond that certainly ends but not from heart. Gurjind Maan’s written song is himself acted so gracefully, totally connecting to the song. To be handy the glory of singing that lies with Gurdas Maan, pairing together, totally relates and touches the heart.

Jugni Punjab Singh movie Gurdas Maan lyrics

[Ik Vaari veera keh de ve

Meri chhoti behan malook jehi

Phir Saari Khushia Ohde Kadma Te Dhara]

[Nikke Nikke Hath Ohde 

Hathan ch’on chuthde jande ne

Armana de Shehar Mere

Aj Saare Lutde Jande ne]

Even, the musician using perfect corners of instruments did the best to frame this song and altogether video too comes out as a fame, perfectly going with the movie Punjab Singh, which would have been clear by Punjab Singh’s trailer review.

The story characterized by Gurjind Maan in this Punjabi movie that is, he turns his life from being good person to a gangster, that is certainly clear by the video of the song Jugni that he because of his sister’s death and suspense behind that will cover twist in the movie.

Listen and Enjoy the song delightfully.

“Gurdas Maan” is also coming up with his Upcoming Movie…!


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