“Just Listen” of Sidhu Moosewala, super lyrics, teaches to live a disciplined life…!

Just Listen Sidhu Moose Wala ft. Sunny Malton

“Just Listen” of Sidhu Moosewala

After Glock penned by Sidhu Moosewala it’s Just Listen Punjabi song with beautiful lyrics, sweet beats and a lesson to live a disciplined life that he adopts.

[You can say what you want
But don’t forget
Dil da ni maahda]

Sidhu Moosewala writes about various parameters he undergoes or relating to a normal person, everybody reaches to many people in their life and finds someone inspired by them or hate them, that is so usual, Isn’t it?

[Jithon ban nahio hunda oho sadh de mere ton
Kai failti khabran ne kadh de mere ton
Kai khud nu banauna chaunde mere varga
Kai zindagi jyoni kivein padh de mere ton]

The best part is when one writes the connection between the readers and their emotions come out and eventually even the truth, no matter what…

[Meri maa mera rab jihdi kokhon hoia paida
Ohne zindagi jyon da sikhaya ikko kayeda
Jithe teri puttra zameer mukk gai
Ho mar jaavin uthe koi jyon da ni fayeda

Taan hi dale saude baazan na kalam nahio meri
Kise aire ghaire bande nu salam nahio meri
Jinna chir likhugi ae sach likhugi
Horan wangu kalam ghulam nahio meri

Ho gall kalli kalli Geetan ch gadoi payi ae…]

Even more amazing to add is this part in the video of the song Just Listen of Sidhu Moosewala


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