Lahore of Guru Randhawa | Review of Song with Lyrics

Lahore Guru Randhawa Lyrics

Guru Randhawa’s LAHORE a love yet emotions story

Fall in with Guru Randhawa’s latest Punjabi song “Lahore”. Firstly, Lahore as all know is basically a city. Yet, being entitled such it is not about Lahore city but a girl presumingly from that city. Explore more if you haven’t yet…!

Lahore of Guru Randhawa depicts a love story but rather it is Emotions story that Guru Randhawa showcase towards the beloved girl. The girl and the picture of the girl unknowingly stays with the song till the end delivering a message of power of love. To say how Universe too connect when there is essence of true love or emotions present towards somebody. Here is the deep connection between Guru Randhawa and the girl showcased in the song.

The song has element like, A short distance Guru Randhawa go along with every speedy wayfarer, he has yet to find the one to follow as his part. From car’s love to Girl’s love Guru Randhawa in his latest release song “Lahore” has used two to three platforms with dancing clothes whilst the girl comes with the same dress and expressions all over this melody. Yet not to forget, this is of kind as it is Guru Randhawa’s song…

Along with singing factor of Guru Randhawa, you will too find Dancing element of Guru Randhawa in Lahore a Punjabi song. Night lights and Morning sun are the two best elements that are adorned with the song.

The singing is great along with Lyrics of Lahore are by Guru Randhawa itself. Composition of this song is handy of Vee Music whereas Video directed by Director Gifty. The costumes are designed by Sheltun Benjamin while that dancing element in this song was choreographed by Amit Syal.