“Laung Laachi” keyed up for tricky outline | Shooting on floor

Launng Laachi punjabi movie

A Punjabi flick adding to Amberdeep Singh’s collection but not as a director this time as an actor. Yes, the Upcoming Punjabi movie “Laung Laachi” will star Amberdeep Singh as an actor. A debut film “Laung Laachi” of Amberdeep Singh as an actor has quite a tricky outline or say suspense, that will bring some certain facts whilst also some fancy suppositions.

In the movie “Laung Laachi” against Amberdeep Singh, the lead female role will be Neeru Bajwa. To the fact, Neeru Bajwa from a long time now has not approached in the any of films and though coming up after a long time with a person who no doubt has great experiences with movie direction but none with acting.

Surprisingly, Amberdeep Singh a director turned actor, trying hands will not just let away this acting part in the air as he wants to touch heights even in an acting career. He precisely will bring good concept as he has previously.

Doesn’t this get clear with the title of the movie itself “Laung Laachi”

Laung Laachi is a Punjabi term yet does not make anything clear about what Amberdeep Singh and Neeru Bajwa’s movie will offer. However, specifically seems to be a comedy, cultural or traditional movie having an essence of cultural values.

Ammy Virk is going to produce Laung Laachi movie. For the first time, Punjabi actor Ammy Virk will be handy as Producer. Again comes up twisting yet suspense fact, Will Ammy Virk only produce this movie or will also act?

Ammy Virk via social media declared that the shooting of the movie “Laung Laachi” has started but nothing as a fact can be cleared for the movie. The release date of “Laung Laachi” has not yet declared.

Await for the Punjabi movie of Amberdeep Singh against Neeru Bajwa “Laung Laachi” till it is on floors.