Amberdeep Singh opposite Neeru Bajwa in Laung Laachi

Lanug Laachi Neeru Bajwa

A man who made hard-hitting film Love Punjab will be seen in his own film Laung Laachi where he himself will play a lead role against the queen of Punjabi cinema ‘Neeru Bajwa’.

Neeru Bajwa Laung Laachi


Amberdeep Singh who has till date written 10 Punjabi movies and directed the movie Lahoriye is always full of ardent emotions and creative ideas and loves to be archaic and feature new styles is this time going to write his own character for the lead role. The interesting part is that the director turned actor; Will Amberdeep Singh be able to achieve the award to win the hearts of his fans again for his acting that already are fond of him for his screenwriting.

Whilst in opposite is Neeru Bajwa under whose production this Punjabi movie Laung Laachi is going to be released in around 2018. Earlier two movies Sargi and Channo were directed under this production house but were dashed to the ground.

The question lies is as both the lead players of this flick are like opposite poles to the movie as well as to their respective roles, will they be able to cast a spell over and gain ground or the movie will fall flat?