Mein Te Meri Jaan of Satinder Sartaaj – Lyrical review with amazing video !!


A love story of Royal couple have such perplexed path…!

Expressions or singing or ballad all gave a superficial effect to the song but from the beginning itself the lyrics of the song too will make your heart feel solitude level of love [Nirvana], just as always Satinder Sartaaj does, Isn’t it?

Punjabi singer, Satinder Sartaaj not just have the magic in his vocals and writing but also it seems he had brought destined path as a gift, afterall, just look for the meaning of his name.

However, this latest Punjabi song from the album Collection of Love shades necessitate overall 7 songs, of which 1st is MEIN TE MERI JAAN that features contribution of Satinder Sartaaj, Jatinder Shah, Summet Singh, Prabhjot Grewal, Sandeep Singh and others.

Mein Te Meri Jaan | Satinder Sartaaj | Full song video

Lyrical review of Mein Te Meri Jaan

[Main Te Meri Jaan Shudai Ikko Jehe
Dove E aa Nadaan Shudai Ikko Jehe
Main Te Meri Jaan!]

Articulates the deep meaning of love, the song depicts a love story of a normal yet royal couple who doesn’t bother about the surroundings but are divine in idolizing each other.

They fight with love, in love. Get jealous of being with someone else yet get together real soon. Afterall, Does loving hearts can stay alone for more time? They are like magnets, a relation that is so innocent adhered by soul and connected by God which is so pure and that’s why consider love as God.

An emotion when attached on strings of love can has the power to communicate with eyes, just as they say, Eyes have a direct link with Heart.

[Assi Akhiyan Meech ke dooro hi gal kar lende haan
Assi Pak Muhobbat nu hi Majhab khende haan]

So deep meaning of love, that when understood can make you even connect with lord more closely as it even delivers the true pure happiness.


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