5 must watch Pollywood Movies

Must watch Pollywood movies

Sometimes movies too provide a buffet of information, lesson, and even worthy valuable memories. But for that it is necessary to watch the bestest of all, isn’t it?

So here are the values must watch Pollywood movies that relate Punjabi culture, history, essence of Punjabi love and much more that one should know:-

Must watch pollywood movies

1)  Chaar Sahibzaade:

One of all times, movie Chaar Sahibzaade, yet was not directed to hit box office collection but only to let the people of the world know about the history of Punjab, the sacrifices made by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and their four sons.

The movie Chaar Sahibzaade showcased by Harry Baweja is on the crucial battle fought with Mughals, how Guruji save India for wholesome value of depth of meaning of truth, culture, ethics, ingrained belief, even inner realm; from having nothing to everything, and along with it the love, pure love within the members of the family, teachings of grandmother, the importance of godly instruments of Punjabi culture, the bond and what not.

Many scenes in the movie Chaar Sahibzaade are actually a life lesson that one should definitely watch, learn and adapt in their art of living.

2) Punjab 1984:

Anurag Singh’s direction and the cast work together took movie Punjab 1984 on a next level earning a lot of respect and fan support.

The story of the movie Punjab 1984 is basically about a mother and her missing son and is based on the history of Punjab, the bitter truth of 1984’s times. How the Punjab’s revelry affected the society? How the cops in urge for respect did fake encounter providing the innocent people the label of terrorist.

The twisting yet interesting part in the movie Punjab 1984 is when Diljit Dosanjh the missing son retorts to an insult. But even after, the bitter truth remains the truth. The truth of 1984’s Punjab that is perfectly starred upon by Diljit Dosanjh, Sonam Bajwa, Kiron Kher, Pavan Malhotra and rest.

3) Love Punjab:

Another heartthrob piece of flick Love Punjab by Amberdeep Singh who is skilled at creating visually creative worlds, colorful characters, and stories as imaginative and spectacular as they come again chose to narrate an incredibly interesting anecdote from Punjab’s culture taking you on a journey inwards Punjab.

Apart from history, Punjab is also known for its pure love and this is what the movie Love Punjab is based on. The movie Love Punjab delves on the love tale of a couple (Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta) who reside abroad and tries to teach their child about joint families, cultural values and more of to fulfill his need of exploring Punjab.

This adds a new dimension to the life of the couple (Amrinder Gill and Sargun Mehta) and brings them to again capture and wheedle out the feelings for each other. But while exploring Punjab to get over a good side the drama created is very entertaining.

The dialogues in the movie Love Punjab leaves its reflection on everyone’s mind. Songs of the movie are quite fascinating and soothing.

For those who live abroad, this one is for them.  

4) Carry on Jatta:

Just keep your mind switched off and enjoy the entertainment as the Movie Carry on Jatta provides back to back comedy packed punches to the viewers.

A perfect dose for the ones who are upset and looking for fun, laugh, entertainment and relief.  (Gippy Grewal) Jass falls in love with (Mahie Gill) Mahie who wants to marry an orphan just like her. To make Mahie agree Jass pretends to be an orphan and makes a surreal world pretty comfortably which remains no more comfortable for him as the whole merry go round creates backbreaking situations.

The network of comedy highs when Honey (Gurpreet Guggi) and his girlfriend Preet (Khushboo Grewal) cooks a new tale of Preet married to Jass which again creates a lot of pot situation.

The Movie Carry on Jatta includes a lot of comic elements thereby making the viewers laugh out loud in the theatre. 

5) Bambukat:

Binnu Dhillon and Ammy Virk’s Jodi together again creates magic with an enlightening message on the dreams and the preeminent hard work behind it.

The story of the movie is quite different from all other movies. Unlike others, this movie is based on the importance of money in life and shows the culture of old Punjab where having a Bullet was everyone’s desire.

Binnu Dhillon being the rich man owns it whilst Ammy Virk and his wife Pakko by Simmy Chahal being poor own a cycle. Nevertheless, Ammy Virk acquired with the wisdom and destiny in life loves his cycle but for the woman, he loves he makes Bambukat even in jail.

The movie Bambukat is quite inspirational, based on dedication and hard work on dreams.

Overall cast performance, a new concept, soundtrack, and great cinematography steals the hearts of the people.

Feel and watch these majestic movies to unfold what they have in store for you..!!