Ninja Facts | Singer

ninja fact

Something about our own favorite singer Ninja

Ninja, a Punjabi singer who provided the Punjabi industry with all time hit songs like Aadat, Dil, Desi Da Recard, and more. Aadat is Ninja’s fame.

But are you aware to the reality that being his real name. The real name of Ninja is Amit Bhalla. Belonging to Bhalla family, he earned the respect of fans who made him Ninja. Along with name the other fact will also surprise you that being the weight of Ninja. Ninja’s weight before was 100 Kg.

Not only did he worked hard on the singing part but also health part. He started working with singing in 2007 and is still being great with work. Even, still after singing he been with Punjabi movie  “Channa Mereya” too, though there he didn’t work that great.

Even to your knowledge now Ninja has 6 abs too

Singing is what Ninja’s best talent is.

In movies too as he has worked and working hard in his life. He will with working on his acting skills can improve a lot.

We wish Ninja a great and healthy life ahead…!