Perhaps it is MITTI of 2001’s sequel you haven’t heard of…!

Mitti 2 Punjabi movie film Upcoming

MITTI a Punjabi film that was released 17 years ago will perchance have a sequel to it as Mitti 2.

The film Mitti was a story of 4 persons and action and thriller based drama film that depicted of persons as bad people in a good way. However, coming back with lot of suspense after a long time will certainly have its release this year itself.

Yes…! 2018 it is…!

“Mitti 2” Releasing to Casting

Mitti 2 releasing in the mid or end of the year will have one such person in lead role who is also making a debut with upcoming Gulam Punjabi film. Harsimran Punjabi singer turned actor has two films on a go.

And imaginably, it is interesting to look forward which will come on screen with giving a fine touch, could be both.

Mitti starring Mika Singh, Lakhwinder Singh Kandola, Vaquar Shaikh, Victor John and others will have impact on Mitti 2 of these characters or not is really fascinating, Isn’t it?


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