“Punj Khaab” Punjabi movie – Another shot by Monica Gill

Punj khaab movie monica gill

Will “Punj Khaab” follow your dreams as well?

Punj Khaab Movie’s foot point:

Predominantly based on women and dreams the movie Punj Khaab stars Monica Gill along with opposite lead role played by Ricky Khattra. Usually, we come with a statement “Don’t dream your life, live your dream”. From the title of this movie, this seems to be the core part. Punj Khaab meaning 5 Dreams. Officially, Punj Khaab team also described the movie to familiarize Women Empowerment.

The 20th century brought a lot for women.  Putting on with it, comes a Punjabi movie “Punj Khaab”. The Punjabi film industry has not yet spot anything like that but surely this industry has brought good inspiring concepts for women. Yet, the movie seems of its own kind.

The base depicts the movie to be about fulfilling a woman’s 5 dreams and the woman there by played by Monica Gill. In the movie Punj Khaab, Monica Gill will be seen in traditional looks for the first time and will play a character that is quite religious and believes in God. It would be interesting to note whether this Punjabi movie Punj Khaab will follow your dreams as well or not.

Based on women’s, upcoming movie Hard Kaur of Nirmal Rishi will too soon have a place in Theater houses.

Punj Khaab Movie Shed Contribution of:

The release of the movie is scheduled in early 2018 period. Whilst this Punjabi film “Punj Khaab” will have direction hands of Gurcharan Singh and production hands of Babbu Kocher, Pankaj Batra, and B S Mann. The Punj Khaab cast apart from Monica Gill and Ricky Khattra will include BN Sharma, Hobby Dhaliwal, Gurpreet Ghuggi and Nirmal Rishi. The movie will be a debut by Ricky Khattra.

Monica Gill Punj Khaab

The shooting of the Punjabi movie Punj Khaab was put into place in the beginning of September 2017. In the movie, Monica Gill will play as Japji where as Ricky Khattra will play as Guri. Movie Punj Khaab will also feature the music and sound composition by Laddi Gill while lyrics category will be handled by Happy Raikoti. Punj Khaab songs review will also be updated soon as the songs releases.

Certainly some facts:

From one source we got to know certain facts that Monica Gill and Ricky Khattra met 3 years ago when Monica Gill won Miss India Worldwide 2014 and after a long time they are together with a movie entitled as Punj Khaab. Some kind of destiny, Isn’t it?

Anyhow, the movie has really great concept and message delivery. Making the movie to be a worth watch not just for women but also for rest of the people.

The movie Punj Khaab will hold the overall essence of comedy, love, romance, adorable bond, emotions, drama etc. So, do save time in early 2018 to watch the beauty of Punj Khaab.