“Punjaab Singh” movie has common yet noble boundaries to follow.

Gurjind Maan Kuljinder Sidhu Sarthi K Punjaab Singh movie

A music cum action cum drama based Punjabi film “Punjaab Singh” has many parameters associated with it that will bring in every delight of culture that is common yet noble.

Shooting to Casting

The upcoming Punjabi movie “Punjaab Singh” whose shotting was commenced in February 2017 and took place at Amritsar, Rajasthan, and Nepal seems to release in theatre houses soon with the cast following;

The Star Cast of “Punjaab Singh”

Gurjind Maan
Kuljinder Sidhu
Sarthi K
Davvy Singh
Amolak Singh
Ashish Duggal
Yaad Grewal
Anita Devgan
Mani Kular
Annie Shekon

Releasing under the banner of “Big Heights Motion Posters” and associated with Gill Brothers, the forthcoming movie “Punjaab Singh” will be directed by Taaj and produced by Jaydeep Sarpanch & Mahi Aulakh.

Gurjind Maan Kuljinder Sidhu Sarthi K Punjaab Singh movie

The known and popular Punjabi Singer Sarthi K by some chances turned actor from the singer. In the Punjabi movie “Punjaab Singh” Sarthi K will play the role of a policeman and possibly will have the character name as Arjun Singh. The flick will bring up Arjun Singh’s childhood story along with the concept that not all police officers present fallacious or inappropriate factors.

Presumingly, the movie “Punjaab Singh” will showcase all parameters of Punjab and cultural forms. In this flick, Arjun Singh played by Sarthi K seems to be a character to stand up for society as a leader or savor thereby popularly known as Punjaab Singh in the society. To the fact, these are just assumptions and a pre-review of Punjabi film Punjaab Singh.

The other character coming up in this flick is Kuljinder Sidhu, who will present the character of a former boxer on stage. The look if we talk about has changed of Kuljinder Sidhu in this movie.

Kuljinder Sidhu 

kuljinder sidhu look punjaab singhkuljinder sidhu look

Despite, these two other two stars who will play the lead role in Punjaab Singh will be Gurjind Maan and Annie Sekhon.

Gurjind Maan

gurjind maan punjaab singh movie

This upcoming flick Punjaab Singh will depict the story of 1980’s time and along with Kuljinder Sidhu, Gurjind Maan, Annie Sekhon, and Sarthi K will follow other characters too mentioned at first.

Punjaab Singh movie Songs

Subsequently, as this Punjabi movie “Punjaab Singh” said to based on music cum drama cum action parameters will be inclusive of 9 songs. Punjaab Singh movie will involve the contribution of top Punjabi singers of Punjabi Music Industry such as Nooran Sisters, Ranjit Bawa, Ninja, Nachhatar Gill and others.

This movie Punjaab Singh directed by Taaj will be on floors somewhere in mid-2018.

Await to have fun and enjoy the element of Punjaab Singh movie releasing soon…!