Punjabi Movies that banned in India

Punjabi Movies That Banned in India

Punjabi Movies that banned in India

Not all movies find themselves in the good grace of public; in fact, many find just the opposite. Everyone perceives a movie differently and so the movies are banned for different reasons say content, crude language, or if they have potential to disrupt the harmony of society. Here are Punjabi movies that were banned in our country.

The Mastermind Jinda Sukha:-

Cast and Controversy:-

The Punjabi film Jinda and Sukha directed by Sukhjinder Singh starring Nav Bajwa, Guggu Gill, Satwant Kaur, Sukhjinder Shera, Isha Sharma and Jaggi Dhuri. The dialogues used in the movie are by Jinda and Sukha themselves based on their letters from jail and even Harjinder Singh Jinda’s sister Balwant Kaur helped as she had knowledge of every move of his brother and had every word to deploy.

However the Punjabi movie The Mastermind: Jinda and Sukha banned in India but not overseas as, as the citizens there, are more sorted. But what made the movie ban in India? What could be the story behind that led government to not showcase the film?

Story of The Mastermind: Jinda and Sukha:-

The film The Mastermind: Jinda and Sukha is based on true life incidents of Harjinder Singh Jinda and Sukhdev Singh Sukha and takes us back to 1980’s at the time of Operation Blue Star. Jinda and Sukha being the member of Sikh Oraganisation Commando force are assasins of the Chief General of Indian army Arun Vaidya who is known for three high profile killings and biggest robbery of history for which the both heros were also arrested and given the punishment of death for which they were not even guilty of and that shows the power of Sikh community.

Deduce the reason:-

The true events of such communists are banned by government saying it can harm the religious sentiments and can create riots in the society. However, the Censor Board of India cleared the Punjabi movie The Mastermind: Jinda and Sukha at first but later it was banned by the government. If the movie got cleared at first it means it has nothing bad to showcase or had nothing to create riots or hurt the sentiments of anybody but maybe just unnecessary controversy.

 punjabi movies banned in India

Kaum De Heere:-

Crew and Matter:-

Again 1980’s story released on 22nd August 2017 directed and written by Ravinder Ravi portrays the lives of the heroes Satwant Singh played by Sukhdeep Sukh, Beant Singh by Raj Kakra and Kehar Singh by Sardar Sohi which was again banned by the government due to many controversies.

The Punjabi movie Kaum De Heere is based on the assassins of the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who was shot by her two own Sikh bodyguards in New Delhi. What injustice she could have done? or Is it the two persons who were cruel and not pure? But this doesn’t seem to be a justifiable reason. Maybe both the two can be true.

The story of the movie Kaum de Heere reveals it well. The film made on about one of the darkest chapters of Indian history yet colorfully woven with emotions.

The reason “Kaum De Heere” banned in India may be being it has a base of our Indian system along with depicting a bit about Sikh Community or Punjabi culture.


Recreating Punjab 1980, after the operation blue star and assassins of the former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi who was shot by her two own Sikh bodyguards in New Delhi and after that the situations of Delhi and Punjab are shown in this movie and it is set against the backdrop to Sikh genocide.

Again as the flick “Hawayein” comes under same base along with depicting the same message and culture. The sensor board banned this movie in India as it didn’t meet their requirement and conditions or may be mere.


Toofan Singh:-

Ranjit Bawa’s debut movie directed by Baghel Singh is highly inspired and motivated from the life of Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan who being fed up of injustice of top authorities and laws during 1980’s in Delhi and Punjab started working to remove it and so started helping the citizens with full support.

He believed and concerned in helping the Indian womans first. He helped them marrying. He even oppugn corruption and crime thereby protecting the society and earning the respect of community. He took a lot of steps to improve the situation but Toofan Singh a khalistani militant was encountered as he was declared terrorist. How a person being so innocent and helpful can be a terrorist?

This small incident of the life of Bhai Jugraj Singh Toofan is perfectly depicted by Ranjit Bawa in his debut Punjabi

movie Toofan Singh which was banned in India saying the movie glorifies him and khalistan movement.

Punjab and its people had undergone something big in 1980’s which is needed to be disclosed to the community and world that was perfectly done in all these above Punjabi movies but were banned in India due to several reasons…!

All the movies are worth watching…!