Rangla Punjab – Another coming up under Vaapsi’s director Rakesh Mehta

Rangla Punajb Rakesh Mehta Upcoming Punjabi Movie

Determination gets you a long way. Just like Rakesh Mehta

The Punjabi film director and writer “Rakesh Mehta” seems to believe everything is worth a try thereby coming up with his Upcoming Punjabi movie “Rangla Punjab”.

Rangla Punjab Rakesh Mehta Upcoming Punjabi Movie

At first, coming with Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi that was comedy oriented film thereby trying hands with Vaapsi Punjabi film that was a drama film. Both the films as per the name only suggest different parameters and now the turn is to go for Rangla Punjab.
Under direction by Rakesh Mehta “RANGLA PUNJAB” movie will touch shooting floors from 29th. So, it seems waiting period starts, Isn’t it?
Nothing has been disclosed yet about the Punjabi movie Rangla Punjab. Although, it is not properly known for certain but presumption and thoughts always roll and round in mind. Rakesh Mehta brought good concept through Vaapsi and also the songs part in Rakesh Mehta’s movie unknowingly play pre-eminent role in the movie.
So,it would be fascinating to wait for the songs of Rangla Punjab movie. This Punjabi flick has a serenity and fragrance of Punjab, may be different colors of Punjab will be showcased in this movie.
So, many mysteries to come up. Yet waiting is the option.
Await for Rangla Punjab movie and Be opine with thoughts and connected for more updates…!