Reasons Why We Love Binnu Dhillon ?

Reasons We Love Binnu Dhillon

From the last decade, we have been used to Binnu Dhillon as a comedian actor and pulling off amazing roles whether it’s in Lucky di unlucky story or Munde U.K. de, Mr & Mrs 420 movies. Binnu Dhillon came into bloom after his studies. The base started with acting, performing various plays, and participating in drama and Banghra whilst studying. He even stood first in many of them. And from thereafter having no big dreams or goals of being an actor he started his career from television shows. From the man in the street, from knocking off nothing and leaving no stone unturned he flourished and made headway. Being a benevolent actor and of friendly, generous, sympathetic and warm-hearted nature he has various reasons for having lots of love of his fans.

Reasons We Love Binnu Dhillon


1)     More enthusiastic than talented:- The thing which makes him gain the ground is that he is more anxious and excited to work and create new and creative things and make viewers happy rather than considering it a duty or a mere talent. Everything has its limit even talent. Many are talented in just one role say comedy or dance or dialogue or writing; the ones who work upon every window are enthusiastic like he does. He is of a type who molds himself boldly in any form and is seen very excited and hyperactive in any role given which is what adds beauty and steals the heart of viewers. He is even provided lead roles because of this like in the movies Dulla Bhatti, Bambukat, his coming movie Bailaras etc. as in early movies he worked as supporting ones like in movies Singh v/s Kaur, Carry on Jatta, Gorreyan nu daffa karo etc. This shows his enthusiasm overacting.

2)      Comedian:- There are many forms or genres in which acting is divided say comedy, aggression, romance, melodrama, history, tragedy etc. He is best known for the most suitable one that is comedy. There are many hit movies in Punjabi industry where Binnu Dhillon is seen in various roles like Aa gye Munde U.K. de, Mr & Mrs 420, Bambukat but lacking comedic mixture is not acceptable. It is just like soundless music. In real life too he is a comedy person and loves to make everyone happy. The thing which is in blood will obviously be effective when showcased with proper direction and in turn, will bring honest act.

3)    Any and every role:– Dhillon is the one who is suitable for any and every type of roles in Punjabi movies. For instance, Mr & Mrs 420 movie he plays a double role and not just that he also played a role of woman in the film very impressively which adds a jewel to it. Secondly, Aa Gye Munde U.K. de, Oh My Pyo ji, Jatt Airways, Angrej etc. in these movies he played a role of comedian for which he is known. Even in Munde Kamal de, he plays a role of a blind man very boldly. After that, another flick is Bambukat in it he is seen in an extensively different role. Dhulla Batti has a bit of seriousness along with comedy- a balanced mixture.

4)      Unique peculiar way of dialogue delivery:-  The Punjabi actor Binnu Dhillon has a very peculiar way of delivering dialogues that is unbeatable. To create comedy environment one needs to develop that skill as comedy is something of being serious in a funny way. The way Binnu does it is interestingly unknown to many. The weakness of others is his strength, for example, to show nervousness in acting, the way to speak up, the volume of voice to deliver dialogue, express that running away from fights look, expressions, understanding the design and pattern of words and deliver it the way it is, providing artificial sense of honour every A.B.C.  beautifully  completes the cuisine.  

5)      Backbone of Punjabi Industry:- This features of comedy, different roles, dialogue delivery, enthusiasm, talent, understanding are what makes him suitable for Punjabi film industry and for lots of respect and huge fan following. Even these characteristics of him take the box office collection of movies at peak. And also they are the reason for working of some movies on the theatre curtains. So, being a whole package Binnu is the backbone of Punjabi industry taking the movies to another level.