While reviewed: Innocence, Happiness, love, aggression all in one “Punjab Singh” movie’s trailer has.

Punjaab Singh movie review trailer songs
Initially, Punjab Singh that seemed to follow a good character will still do in some of the eyes, rest will enjoy the character with aggregation element associated with it.

The Star Cast of Punjabi movie “Punjab Singh”

Gurjind Maan
Kuljinder Sidhu
Sarthi K
Davvy Singh
Amolak Singh
Ashish Duggal
Yaad Grewal
Anita Devgan
Mani Kular
Annie Sekhon
Neetu Pandher
Jai Shri
Arun Bali
Rupinder Rupi
Vikas Kohli


Releasing under the banner of “Big Heights Motion Posters” and associated with Gill Brothers, the forthcoming Punjabi film “Punjab Singh” is directed by Taaj and produced by Jaydeep Sarpanch & Mahi Aulakh.
 The Punjab Singh flick team has given almost a year to such a collaboration, and after all, to bring up every last element like Innocence, love, aggression, happiness, drama, violence, romance, music, characters and whatnot definitely takes time. A story, direction, script, all play a definite role and has this movie done well on these parameters in a year or not will be reviewed by the release of the movie “Punjab Singh” on 19th January 2018.
Of all, one another movie that will share screens the same day is Saagi Phull.
— Believe it or not, there is a lot behind the screen.

Trailer Review:

What the movie “Punjab Singh” showcase?

This Punjabi flick bringing to you a lot of emotions showcase the journey of one person relating to others. How is a story dependent on everybody?
Just like one fire that can never be together or friends, if they get together it will be like, What will a tiger eat if it befriends a lamb.
Taj the director and writer Gurjind Maan, both turn the table from innocence to violence of actor Gurjind Maan and along with it also his makeover that brings interesting essence to the movie as per the trailer. Not only him but also the other two main characters Kuljinder Sidhu and Saarthi K also have different parameters to have an eye on.
Kuljinder Sidhu is in a whole new look in this Punjabi movie while Saarthi K will adopt a Policeman’s role.

Punjab Singh story review

The story of the goes along with two lovers played by Gurjind Maan and Annie Sekhon who so involved and connected to each other turns Gurjind Maan into a violent person from innocent one after the death of Annie. Ashish Duggal who for some reason calls upon to trap Gurjind Maan on his side. Eventually, Yaad Grewal and Anita Devgan as Jaya Kaur turn up together in this movie as a villain.
While so much violence going around, SSP Arjun Singh played by Punjabi Singer Saarthi K turns up to catch this gang who by the trailer seems to play easy and simple yet crucial character.
Interestingly, Kuljinder Sidhu will play a character of Boxer and a violent angry person on the other side Gurjind Maan as Punjab Singh and in against both Saarthi K. Three complicated triangles who have their own sides [Kuljinder Sidhu, Saarthi K, and Gurjind Maan] however to the fact not love triangle but aggression triangle.
Having delivered so much so, a drawback seems to be Saarthi K playing as an actor for the first time and to the contrary, it would be interesting to note whether the movie’s story gets covered itself on screens within the given time frame or not.

Punjab Singh movie Songs:

Subsequently, as this Punjabi movie “Punjab Singh” said to be based on music cum drama cum action parameters will be inclusive of 9 songs. Of which, one song of the movie entitled as Jugni sung by Gurdas Maan is out that perfectly to what the movie showcase. Furthermore, Punjab Singh movie will involve the contribution of top Punjabi singers of Punjabi Music Industry such as Nooran Sisters, Ranjit Bawa, Ninja, Nachhatar Gill and others.

Releasing 19th January 2018 Punjab Singh movie will surely bring so much fun.


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