Rupinder Handa’s latest Jodiyan song Out | Enjoy lyrics and video

Jodiyaan Rupinder Handa video and lyrics full

Rupinder Handa’s latest song Jodiyan

Collaborating sweet voice and bashing music with beats Rupinder Handa after Stand Punjabi song presented this wedding season with the melody entitled as Jodiyan for her fans.

The punjabi singer who does not like to get much socialise has great command over vocals and singing. Also, in person she is bold and believes in her own view points.

With generally showcasing fine tuning with dressing sense Rupinder Handa in this Punjabi song Jodiyan add suit element along with featuring music by Rupin Kahlon where as lyrics scribbled by Jaskaran Riar and the video direction of Jodiyan is by Mani Shergill.

Jodiyan Rupinder Handa song full video…!

Jodiyan a Punjabi term that means a couple and releasing of song in wedding season lets all the viewers and fans go rock the floors.

Lyrics of Jodiyan sung by Rupinder Handa will too sooth all…!

Lagda ni mainu kisi gallon ghat ni
Bhawein goda ae subha da
Par khara jatt ni 

Haan main vi nitt pauniyan ni suit kad ve
Ohvi taur te shokeeni full launda

Jadon top diyan jodiyan di gall turrpe
Naam pehle number te sadda aunda
Top diyan jodiyan di gall turrpe
Naam pehle number te sadda aunda





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