Diljit Dosanjh | Sunanda Sharma | Sajjan Singh Rangroot | 23rd March booked…!

Diljit Dosanjh Sajjan Singh

Movie:- Sajjan Singh Rangroot
Director:- Pankaj Batra
Writer:- Gurpreet Singh Dalhadi
Dialogues:- Jatinder Lal
Release date:- 23rd March 2018

Title | Base | Release date:-

The upcoming movie of Diljit Dosanjh titled as Sajjan Singh Rangroot Movie is based on the World War 1. Sajjan Singh of Ratlam the major general of British Indian Army of World War 1’s story will be depicted in this flick. Sajjan Singh being the honorary captain promoted to major in 1911 served on western front during WW1 from 1914-1915, this Rangroot and other’s story is all about Sajjan Singh Rangroot – World War 1. The movie releasing on 23rd March 2018 is also 87th death anniversary of Bhagat Singh and this flick also celebrates the 100th anniversary of WW1 depicting all such the makes the movie worthy and a must watch.

Dijit Dosanjh in Sajjan Singh Rangroot:-

Direction | Production | Thought:-

This film Sajjan Singh is directed by Pankaj Batra. “ None other than Pankaj batra would be able to direct such a film” – says Diljit Dosanjh. The thought behind this movie is of Gurpreet Singh Dalhadi being the writer of the film has a great contribution in this film and the dialogues are by Jatinder Lal and along comes the producer of the film Jass whereas the Production design is contributed by Vijay particularly creating a perfect war zone and that era of war thereby providing a bonafide effect.

Cast :-

The film casts in lead male Diljit Dosanjh and in lead female Sunanda Sharma. Sunanda Sharma will make her debut in film industry through this film. Other casts being Alex who will play the british soldiers role, Jaggi Sandhu and Dhiraj Sharma who will play the role of Indian Army will be seen along with Diljit Dosanjh in the war field. Directed by Pankaj Batra, Written by Gurpreet Singh Dalhadi, DOP being Vineet Singh and Nikhil who gave a successful cinematic view to the film. The special contributors are Bobby Bajaj, Samra Saab, Dharam Seva Records, Kang Saab who was also there with Diljit in the movie Punjab 1984 and many other’s who made this flick possible to even get on platform and started shooting. The movie planning is going on from 2-4 years now and now the great idea came into progress and will surely also progress on curtains with cracking Box Collection records.

Diljit Dosanjh and Sunanda Sharma in Sajjan Singh Rangroot

Look of Cast:-

The looks of the whole cast are quite inspiring and majestic and magnificent portraying a perfect picture of World War 1. The costumes are by Manveer Binda that are very much loved by the fans and are also viral on social media. The costumes are of light yellow colour just like the uniform of soldiers of both Indian and British Army that are depicted in the movie. The Indian sikh soldiers along with this uniform ties the Turban that is of great importance and the notable thing being the glorious style and perfection of tying it.


The story of the film being on the major general Sajjan Singh just like the title Sajjan Singh Rangroot. Rangroot means a new private soldier or Squaddie. The 100th anniversary of WW1 being at 23rd March 2018 and on the same day releasing this movie is a great way to celebrate the sacrifices of all the soldiers and also the brotherhood of indian specially sikh soldiers and british army who together fought in this First World War. It is also said that without the Sikh soldiers it would have been difficult to won this War. The situations undergone by all and what challenges they faced for all the citizens will be perfectly outlined in this movie along with comes a love story too to entertain the viewers may be which will be acted upon by Diljit Dosanjh and Sunanda Sharma.


The song which will be there in the movie is “ Tera Ranjha tan Heere Rangroot Ho Gaya” which is sung by a multi talented actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh.

Having such a great concept yet difficult but with worthful message by the wonderful and such a strong unitedly bonded team will must rock on the floors and celebrate the victory. We wish the whole team a great luck..!


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