“Sara Gurpal” marked awakening footstep on path against Child Abuse via Marathon!!


Sara Gurpal made a prompt initiative against Child Abuse by organizing a 5K Half Marathon in Chandigarh Yesterday [11th February 2018].

In preference to Punjabi Actress, Sara Gurpal, is first a Young Girl who took initiative of going out and grabbing the most crucial stumbling block to society – Child Abuse. Nowadays, there are various incidents that grab news section of any corner of world heading, any failures resulting in Child Abuse or criminal acts of Child Abuse caused death and many more of which the pain can never be compared with words.

Any physical, sexual, or psychological cause undergone by a child whether it is by parents or others is Child Abuse and As per one report, drinking alcohol is a major issue that harm child and in against there are very few plans in place to help children.

Considering the same issue, Sara Gurpal recently presented a song Kash Koe on same grounds and to spread the message to more and more people in general, a 5K Half Marathon was organised in Chandigarh Yesterday which also marked the presence of public and Punjabi celebrities who stood against this issue and this Marathon event lasted for 2 hours heading from Morning 6. Various facilities were also provided to the people contributing in the marathon for their convenience.

See How the initiative against Child Abuse via Marathon took place.

For grabbing more and more attention and starting a concept with inspiring motive always last with successful planning. Similarly, supported by The Punjabi Cinema and Punjabi Music Industry this event headed off with a beautiful message and planned on the grounds considering fitness as its part too.

Moreover, the winner of the event was an aged person named Shemsher Singh [in attached video] who remarked the message that age or temperature or any other difficulty can never be a hurdle when it a task undertaken voluntarily. “Self Satisfaction is after all a major key to happiness.”

The event was even supported by Punjabi celebrities like Bannet Dosanjh, Gurjaz, Himanshi Khurana and others which is of appreciation as taking out a while from such a busy schedule depicts the importance against an issue faced by society that is Child Abuse.

Also supported by our team The Punjabi Cinema. 


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