Movie review “Sardar Mohammad” – A true conceptual

Sardar Mohammad Movie Review

With small small messages, Tarsem Jassar’s Punjabi movie Sardar Mohammad has an emotional factor attached with it. Based on true incidents, it is the first movie produced by Tarsem Jassar.

Tarsem Jassar after his singing career and debut movie Rabb Da Radio at a stretch made a place in the hearts of the viewers and that motivated him to produce this conceptual movie.


Sardar Mohammad Movie Review

Characters picturized in Sardar Mohammad

The cast & crew involved in Sardar Mohammad are; the production & writing work by Tarsem Jassar along with having the lead role. The direction by Harry Bhatti with music composition of all the songs this Punjabi movie Sardar Mohammad by R Guru.

The other casts being Mandy Thakar, Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Rana Jang Bahadur, Manjit Singh, Rahul Jugral, Neeta Mohinder and much more.

The shooting of the movie Sardar Mohammad of Tarsem Jassar is undergone at different locations of Rajasthan, Patiala & Punjab.

Sardar Mohammad movie songs list:-

Yaari by Tarsem Jassar
Pind by Kulbir Jhinjer
Single Double by Tarsem Jassar
Maa by Kulbir Jhinjer
Chithiyaan by Tarsem Jassar
Title Track by Tarsem Jassar

Sardar Mohammad Movie Review:-

The movie is based on conceptuality depicting an emotional story that is showcased properly on screen with the love element attached to it so as to prevent the viewers from the boredom zone. The music and the song are well flourished providing a great feature to the movie.

To the fact, Tarsem Jassar’s song Chithiyaan was his own written poetry of 2010 which he just wrote and that linked with the movie very well and became the part of the movie.

The movie concept is very interesting. The acting part from Tarsem Jassar’s point has glow & shine from his previous movie. Being in the character Tarsem Jassar looked quite relishing whereas the other cast Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi & Mandy Thakar too played to the fullest.

Story Outlined:-

The story of the movie Sardar Mohammad sites an independence story of 1947. The partition of India & Pakistan picturising 1947 period. The story of a boy who gets parted from his family during partition and comes to the rescue of Indian Sikh police officer who thereafter nurtures him.

And as it is well said; as you get older, you grow and get mature, being a forever learning. The boy learns that his identity is fake. What is shown to him is actually fallacious. And then he researching reaches Pakistan finding the identity.

The errand delivers one the idea well, that, it’s the human being who is actually salient and not the identity. Humanity and identity both are by far different things.

Find the identity, in just 3 hr enjoying popcorn, of a boy played by Tarsem Jassar the multi talented Punjabi actor, singer, writer, and a producer who believed to bring in good concepts and messages for the fans of the Punjabi Industry.

The Box Office Collection of the Punjabi movie Sardar Mohammad of Tarsem Jassar will soon be updated and presented.

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