Sat Shri Akal England movie review

Sat-Shri-Akaal-England- movie review

Come all over England with Ammy Virk’s movie “Sat Shri Akal England” and review

Sat Shri Akal everyone, book this week for a trip to England with Ammy Virk’s Latest Sat Shri Akal England Punjabi Comedy Movie.

Movie:- Sat Shri Akal England
Director | Writer | Screenplay:- Vikram Pradhan
Producer:- Sagoon Wagh & Nick Bah
Music:- Jatinder Shah
Screenplay | Dialogues:- Jatinder Lall
Presented by:- Kuausmedia Entertainments & Sizzlin Productions
Cast:- Ammy Virk, Monica Gill, Sardar Sohi, Karamjit Anmol, Harby Sandha & more.
Release Date:- 7th December 2017


The poster is wondrous with perfectly correlating with the title of Ammy Virk’s upcoming Punjabi movie Sat Shri Akal England. And, the poster of film Sat Shri Akal England is designed by Thirsty Fish Team.


Just as a title, in a perfect sense, should connect with the content of the particular subject. Sat Shri Akal England movie title also mainly describes this, thereby being England and welcoming people to England. Most of the shooting part as per the movie is done in England and also, therefore, the title perfectly suits the movie. Isn’t it?

Story review | Movie review:

As this Punjabi movie of Ammy Virk goes along one can witness the flying balloons of comedy, fun, joy, entertainment, act, react, & dialogues.

Sat Shri Akal England depicts a story of a Punjabi boy played by Ammy Virk who holds the business of agriculture desires to go abroad for 10-15 days as a tourist and even he goes too. Abroad country he tries for Germany. Thereby visiting an immigration consultant Boota Singh an agent, played by Harby Sangha. Harby Sangha also paired with Ammy Virk in his Previous movie series like Nikka Zaildar. Sardar Sohi playing the role of his father also visits the agent along with Ammy Virk.

Then comes up a captivating name Geet Kahlon played by Monica Gill. Karamjit Anmol, unlike Monica Gill, is also an England resident in this flick. Ammy Virk reaches England using trickery mysterious strategies and situations. But what strategies and situations? unveil everything after watching the movie.

Ammy Virk playing a role as Major German Singh Maan denied a lot of times by Visa Embassy again legs up with a strategy of having a musical show of 4 days there in England and also he comes up with a package of joy through his this comedy act.

The suspense part being; How Ammy Virk reaches England and does he gets tied up as the partner of Monica Gill in the movie.

The movie has a bit of boring turns too that makes the viewers feel lack of enthusiasm or interest yet the movie takes twisting turns so as to again get in interaction with the viewers. Comedy family film is an average film but a one time watch in theaters  with family.

Enjoy with family this great fun, comedy Punjabi movie in theaters now.