Sidhu Mossewala’s “Glock” song will bring Smile first Suspense later.

Glock Sarab Dhillon siddhu mossewala lyrics

Recently released song GLOCK has super essence of 2s Smile and Suspense out of the blue…!

Friendship song: Group of friends who be together though the situatons are any and that what kills and rock the song.

[Yaar ne Glock varge

Tahi nahio Jatt Dolda]

Glock Punjabi Song sung by Sarab Dhillon 

The song full beats, lyrics, rap, dash features music by Ikwinder Singh and Spin Singh where as lyrics penned by famous Sidhu Moosewala and the super pumping video direction, with lots of parameters disclosed below, by Sangtar Singh.

Sang by Sarab Dhillon Feat. Ikwinder Singh the song features;


[Janda patiya de vangu kind ni

Jeda Sade naal collide karda

Yaar tera veriaa uthe……]

Aim and Fame all over the song

[Akhan rehndia ne aim te

Tahi satte lagde ne naame te]

A hollywood touch and these parameters will definetely bring smile on your faces but the suspense will have a bit of humor.

Certainly watch the video of the song Glock by Sarab Dhillon Feat. Ikwinder Singh


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