Speculation of Pollywood & Bollywood – A Contractional effect  

pollywood vs bollywood

Speculation of Pollywood & Bollywood – A Contractional effect

Pollywood movies have different scent in its flicks as compared to Bollywood movies. They are based on different parameters and comes forward in exciting way where as if we be under the impression of Bollywood movies it opine us to enjoy the flicks to the fullest.

Both the categories at their place do worthy things for the film industry. Though, both the categories even have copying feature in it.

There is famous ongoing saying these days; “What makes you different makes you beautiful”

Let’s insight it beautifully, whether the same is the case when it comes to Pollywood and Bollywood movies.?

Generalizing why Pollywood and Bollywood movies differ?


Quality always be a factor when comparison comes into sight. One of Pollywood movie being Diljit Dosanjh’s Jatt and Juliet which inspired and made a successful admiring effect on our Salman Khan that he probably is going to come with Jatt and Juliet Bollywood avatar as a remake of flick. This being Pollywood’s supremacy but the adjacent look becomes Bollywood movies that make movies that meets more than 50 Cr. Box Office Collection. So, eventually having good quality of movies comes as an investment in future.


Financial blueprint and its allocation grow corporate world. Bollywood and Pollywood both bookmark this. So, when we deem and review the budget of Pollywood movies there comes a figure 10-15 Cr. which is not that bad, but having more can make a good whip-round but another upcoming Sajjan Singh Rangroot predictably will be the most invested flick in terms of Budget. On the other hand, Bollywood movies initial contribution is itself 10 Cr. and it goes up and up. Upcoming Bollywood flick Tumhari Sullu featuring Banja Rani Remix has approximately 20 Cr Budget.


Pollywood flicks capture only Punjab area or the fan following The Punjabi Cinema whilst if we take account Bollywood movies, this flicks tend to seize the fans from all over the world. So, these comes up as boom for Bollywood film industry. Afterall, one can not ignore or embrace this huge attraction of Bollywood industry.

Authority favour:-

This time it’s Bollywood being benevolent. The sensor board shows quite decency towards Bollywood industry making any flick to go on floors where as Pollywood movies many times being subjective are banned. So, essence being Pollywood industry must have its own Sensor Board so as to showcase good conceptual meaningful movies be it to limited audiences.

Singer turning Actor:-

The only crux of Pollywood industry that comes eventually comes as a blessing or sometimes affliction. Some turns actors from singers, some not. But however, Pollywood industry sight this very  often where as Bollywood industry flows on its professional manner only; having a profession of singer they be singer and Bollywood actors/actresses be actor/actresses.


The movies be it Bollywood and Pollywood are movies only, the things differ is how they are presented to the target audience. And,yes Obviously..! Pollywood movies as per to whom it has to serve they will present their way and Bollywood movies their way.

So, both comes up in a different yet interesting way…!