Sunanda’s KOKE song; summing in short

Sunanda Sharma Koke Music review

Sunanda Sharma Koke Music review

Sunanda Sharma’s latest Punjabi song Koke as reckoned does not come parallel on floors. The poster of the song Koke jotted its impression to be a modern, fashionable, stylish song rather it came in a heroic way yet that too wasn’t that shoddy, People even welcomed it totally.

But, unlike Janni Tera Naa song of Sunanda Sharma, Koke song was not able to deliver its impact. The song came up in a way because Sunanda Sharma is presenting an album of nine tracks inclusive of all emotions being sad, sad romantic, love, etc. Despite, the video of the song showcased must have been more refined.

However, all these, Sunanda Sharma’s expression in Koke didn’t sink a bit. That smiling happy-go-lucky face,dancing with expressions gave light to this Punjabi song.

The look of Sunanda in a police wear attire in rain in the song having a bit of lovely aggression in the eyes and later sitting on an instrument used came as a lasting equation for the song Koke.

The music composition of the song was by Gagstudioz that go pleasant with the singing and dancing of Sunanda Sharma. The singing of the song was not as expected. As Jaani Tera Naa’s lyrics, singing, and music or videp still roam somewhere in head.

The lyrics of Koke were penned and composed by Sangdil47 where as the video directed by Rimpy Prince.