Upcoming Punjabi movie Remakes 2018-19

Punjabi movie remakes in 2018 - 19

Is 2018-19 the year of remakes for the Punjabi cinema industry?

2018 is quite riveting year providing all Punjabi movie viewers & beholders intriguing remakes of the Punjabi movies. Tantalizingly, from the midway of 2018 itself are these remakes releasing.

Eyeing this remakes in the Punjabi cinema industry with having sufficient & perplex features of Comedy, Entertainment, Drama, Romance, Love, Motivational, Biopic, MeloDrama, etc.

Flourishing this parameter, it becomes quite interesting to look forward to this flicks. The Punjabi flicks that are coming up with sequels are:-

  • Carry on Jatta 2
  • Angrej 2
  • Bambukat 2
  • Manje Bistre 2
  • Rocky Mental 2
  • Nikka Zaildar 3

Let light hearts remake these movies and you come together to explore more about the details and updates of this films;

Carry on Jatta 2:

The Upcoming Punjabi flick – a sequel to Carry on Jatta will finally be onscreen on 1st June 2018 titled as Carry on Jatta 2. Gippy Grewal’s movie always hit the floors whenever showcased. Not just Punjabi movies he with his direction even make a song set on floors just like his Velhna tune. The first part was a total comedy and fun loving so it will be fascinating to look how Carry on Jatta 2 will be delivered. Equated with Gippy Grewal it will surely bring something worthy to view, review.

Director- Smeep Kang
Producer – Gunbir Singh Sidhu, Manmord Sidhu
Story & Screenplay – Vaibhav Suman, Shreya Srivastava
Dialogues – Haresh Kathooria
Release Date – 1st June

Angrej 2:

In Punjabi flick Angrej, Amrinder Gill and Amberdeep Singh pair did a very great job collecting Box Office Collection of 13 Cr. Again pairing up together for the sequel of Punjabi movie Angrej as Angrej 2, will they be able to hit the theaters same as that.  Pairing together they have always been great be it Love Punjab or Angrej. Based on the love story the tentative release date of the Punjabi movie Angrej 2 is 28th July.

Bambukat 2:

Another probably scheduled up is Bambukat 2 for 2018-19. A sequel of Bambukat movue that featured Binnu Dhillon and Ammy Virk Punjabi and in against was Simi Chahal and Sheetal Thakur. Directed by Pankaj Batra the story of the movie revolved on Bambukat that is a scooter. Another recent release of Binnu was Bailaras was on tractor basically. So, it would be captivating to know on what galvanized thought will Bambukat 2 revolve? Will the Punjabi movie Bambukat 2 continue its first part on different notes or will it serve altogether different insight?

Information about cast, crew and release date of Bambukat 2 movie will soon be updated…!

Manje Bistre 2:

Gippy Grewal, who didn’t waited or took break or rest after completing shooting of his forthcoming movie Subedar Joginder Singh and within days started shooting with his June 2018 release Carry on Jatta 2, possibly will bring up sequel to his Punjabi movie Manje Bistre in mid April 2019. Previous part was released on 13th April and took a lot time to complete with shooting. However, every good thing requires time, Isn’t it? So, Manje Bistre 2 certainly of Gippy Grewal will tentatively release around April 2019,most obviously 13th April 2019.

Making it come on the list of makes 2018-19, right?

Rocky Mental 2:

Perhaps, another release of Punjabi movie that will line up remakes of 2018-19 is Rocky Mental 2. A boxer’s story, scandals, a lot of drama, beautifully tuned songs made it a Parmish Verma’s movie, Rocky Mental. Although, Parmish Verma these days has a lot to say, coming up again and again with Punjabi singers directing their videos can very possibly be handy as director of Rocky Mental 2, an inference to be precise.

Nikka Zaildar 3:

Will you be delighted to here about Ammy Virk’s upcoming Nikka Zaildar 3 to settle down in theaters houses somewhere in 2018-19?

Willingly, this can be possible as Nikka Zaildar was September 2016, its sequel September 2017, so yeah… Nikka Zaildar 3 can be on floors September 2018 if we Connect to the dots. If not Ammy Virk then obviously not Nikka Zaildar 3 too, so it must be an Ammy Virk’s Nikka Zaildar 3. But, again on what notes will these remake come up.

Await for more updates…!